Gennaro Mansi

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NYC-based international affairs analyst, focusing mainly on Russian affairs and foreign policy.

I write regularly about how U.S.-E.U. relations with Russia play out economically, legally, and politically.

I also keep direct track of major diplomatic events as an accredited reporter at the United Nations headquarters.

Read my latest contributions in La Voce di New York, Filodiritto, Osservatorio Russia, Le Grand Continent


Master’s degree in Law from Bologna University, Italy.
Spent a semester abroad at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow, Russia (2018)
Global & UN-related affairs reporter at La Voce di New York; geopolitical analyst at Osservatorio Russia and Filodiritto
  • Russian & post-Soviet affairs
  • United Nations
  • U.S. & EU foreign strategies
  • Global economic trends
  • Eurasian culture & society


In other people’s words

“An extremely talented young analyst of international affairs. His writing and research skills are at a level one would normally expect in a much more experienced professional

Prof. Matthew Light (PhD, Yale University)
University of Toronto

One of the most dedicated professionals I have ever worked with. He has considerable writing expertise and is always willing to help you whenever you need it

Evelyn Amaral García
(2020 European Women’s Leadership Award winner)

Selected media appearances


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